Cancelled without prejudice là gì

US visa cancelled without prejudice means cancellation due to lớn administrative sầu error, duplicate visa or normal expiry. Nothing illegal or bad effect on future.

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US visa cancelled without prejudice stamp
Cancelled without prejudice means that it could be an administrative sầu mistake from US consulate or a duplicate visa in your passport.

US visa can be cancelled by US embassy with a stamp “Cancelled without Prejudice“.

Cancelled without Prejudice does not have sầu any bad affect on your future or existing US visa applications. It does not mean that you did anything illegal. Do not worry. You are safe.


If you are going for an H1B visa interview và you currently have sầu a valid H1B stamp in your passport, then the visa officer can cancel your current visa with annotation “Cancelled without Prejudice” as they are going to lớn issue you a brvà new H1B stamp. The duplicate visa stamp is what will be marked as cancelled.

Has your US visa ever been cancelled or revoked?

It is possible that some US consulate do not cancel the old visa before they approve sầu the new one.

Is Cancelled without Prejudice Serious?

US visa cancelled without prejudice is not serious. You are safe & can enter US with a new visa or any other valid visa in your passport. Cancellation without prejudice does not affect your chances of US visa in future.The cancellation only means that you may have a duplicate visa or the visa was issued in error.

Can I enter US with “Cancelled without Prejudice” Visa?

You cannot enter US with a visa that has been cancelled without Prejudice.

How to Fix Cancellation without Prejudice?

You cannot fix or rectify the US visa that was cancelled without prejudice. Once the visa is cancelled, it cannot be fixed. You have sầu lớn get a new US visa to lớn travel and enter USA.

This article will discuss:

Cancelled Without Prejudice Reasons

The cancellation reason varies by each US embassy as many people have reported that their B1/B2 tourist visa got cancelled when they got approved for H1B work visa while some other reliable source’s tourist visa was not cancelled & they were working in US using L or H visa.

Some consulates also stamp the expired visa with “Cancelled without Prejudice” stamp which is kind of not required. You cannot use an expired visa khổng lồ enter US anyway.

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It is also possible that H4 visa is cancelled if the H1B primary no longer has valid permit to lớn work in US.

Several people have sầu shared their experience for US visa Cancellation without Prejudice.

Form 221g with Visa Cancelled Without Prejudice

US visa officer can issue you size 221 administrative sầu processing at the time of visa interview (with DS160) & still cancel your existing valid US visa.

This is a normal process và nothing lớn worry. Your visa interview result will not be affected by the cancellation of existing visa.

Can I use My other US visa in Passport if One is Cancelled?

You can use any other valid US visa to lớn enter USA if other has been cancelled.

Stamping in Mexico or Canada

If you are currently in US & thinking of going lớn Mexico or Canada for your visa stamping lượt thích F1, H1B, H4 or similar visa, then you will not be able khổng lồ come bachồng to US if your new visa is not approved & current one has been “cancelled”.

chú ý that you cannot use the Automatic Visa Re-validation to enter US from either Mexiteo or Canada if your visa has been cancelled without prejudice.

Couple of people have sầu reported that they were able khổng lồ enter US from Nogales, Mexiteo border while their H1B visa application was pending with size 221g processing, but this depends highly on luông xã và the individual immigration officer at port or entry.

The US embassy may cancel one or more visas at their discretion.

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If US consulate cancels your existing H1B but leaves your B1/B2 tourist visa intact, you can enter US using B1/B2 visa.

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