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What Is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a piece of scrubbing software originally developed by Pirikhung. It has been around since 2004, garnering countless glowing CCleaner Reviews for the most part of its history.

It started out as an optimization tool for PCs. But its developers rolled out iterations for macOS and Android in 2012 & năm trước, respectively.

All in all, CCleaner has been downloaded more than two billion times & records more than five sầu million desktop installs every seven days.

In 2017, global cybersecurity leader Avast acquired Piriform. It was a watershed year for negative sầu reasons. It was the time when the first infamous cyber assault on CCleaner made headlines.

To make it worse, CCleaner got hacked again in 2019.

So, is CCleaner safe? Is CCleaner Pro worth it in 2022? I’ll attempt lớn answer these questions as objectively as possible in this piece.

CCleaner has different apps and subscriptions for individual & business users. But the enterprise editions of this program are outside the scope of this CCleaner Reviews. So, I focused on what it can bởi for personal use.

Nevertheless, I’ll touch on the plans và prices designed for:

Independent break-fix companies.Small, mid-sized, and large businesses.Managed service providers.

Also, I won’t go into lớn deep dives on the CCleaner Browser. Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, this standalone tiện ích deserves its own reviews.

Certainly, its feature mix can put the privacy & security of comtháng web browsers to lớn shame.

So, here’s what khổng lồ expect from CCleaner Browser:

AdblockAnti-TrackingAnti-FingerprintingStealth ModeWebcam GuardExtension GuardPrivacy Cleaner

CCleaner Feature

Here’s the lowdown on CCleaner’s capabilities.

Health Check

This is a fairly new freemium feature for CCleaner for Windows 10, 8.1, và 7. In short - it’s a scanner that looks for ways lớn optimize your PC’s performance.

After a quiông xã evaluation, it would suggest what khổng lồ remove, what to lớn disable, and what to update. It also provides improvement proposals in the areas of Privacy, Space, Speed, và Security.

If you use a không tính phí license, you can carry out only the recommended fixes for the first two categories.

Custom Clean

This không tính phí cleaner enables you lớn manually delete junk by app. You can get rid of internet cabịt, browsing history, temporary files, & more.

Custom Clean can also be a good CCleaner Intelligent Cookie Scan alternative sầu when you don’t need khổng lồ delete cookies en masse.

Registry Cleaner

CCleaner can find and erase old, invalid, and corrupted entries in your Windows Registry. Detrimental entries could trigger error messages and slow down your computer.

The CCleaner Registry Cleaner does serve sầu a logical purpose. But it may bởi vì your hardware more harm than help.

In general, Microsoft warns against registry cleaning utilities. For incorrect registry maintenance can render Windows unstable.

Startup và Browser Plugins Manager

Using CCleaner, you can select which programs should run as your PC loads. You can also bởi vì the same for the plugins for your web browsers.

Disk Analyzer

This scanner reveals which files are consuming your hard drives’ space. So, it can give insight into lớn what may be impacting your computer’s performance.

Duplicate Finder

This tool can comb through your folders và drives in search for duplicate files that you can delete.

Available in CCleaner for PC & Mac, Duplicate Finder lets you match files by name, size, modified date, và nội dung. You can also tell it lớn ignore some files.

Large File Finder

This tool is available in the CCleaner ứng dụng for macOS. It can identify oversized files that have sầu been weighing down your system. With its tìm kiếm filter, you can also mix a minimum size requirement.

System Restore Manager

With this tool, you can delete scheduled checkpoints, except for the lademo one for system safety.

Drive sầu Wiper

Using this CCleaner for Windows 10 feature, you can manually wipe the deleted files from your drives’ miễn phí area. This way, they’ll become irrecoverable.

Drive Wiper it can overwrite data on different levels lớn meet varying security needs without compromising your normal files. It can also erase 100% of the data in a partition.

But due to Microsoft’s data storage practices, this tool can’t wipe all files.


This feature isn’t meant for program uninstallation only. This uninstaller can also give you the option khổng lồ repair, rename, and/or delete some apps.

Deep Clean

Upgrading any free CCleaner phầm mềm khổng lồ its Pro edition unlocks the software’s deep cleaning capability. So, as a premium user, you’ll be able khổng lồ find and delete junk files throughout the system.

Scheduled Cleaning

If you have sầu a paid license, you’ll be able to lớn run CCleaner on a schedule. This helps ensure that unwanted files never accumulate on your device.

Smart Cleaning

This freemium monitoring tool keeps a lookout for junk files và notifies you where lớn find them. Smart Cleaning follows the same rules Custom Clean does.

If you buy a subscription for CCleaner for PC or Mac, all of its settings will be configurable. Then, you’ll be able to lớn adjust the file kích thước parameter.

Also, the paid edition gives you access to Automatic Browser Cleaning too. It can clear the history of one or more of your website browsers after closing them automatically with or without notification. In addition, you can mix CCleaner to prompt you lớn clean your browser(s) or launch the app on closing instead.

Driver Updater

It’s the lademo premium feature in the CCleaner Windows 10 edition. It keeps your computer’s drivers updated so that all of the third-party devices connected to your machine can work properly.

Software Updater

It’s another feature that can settle the CCleaner Free vs Pro debate. It scours for outdated programs in your system. Bringing them to life allows you lớn update them accordingly.

Timely updates should enhance your computer’s performance và help patch up any security vulnerabilities it may have.

App Hibernation

A premium feature in the Android edition - it keeps programs from running in the background. And they remain disabled until you manually activate them.

In short, App Hibernation helps conserve sầu your thiết bị di động device’s battery và eliminate unnecessary data usage.

Task Killer

Otherwise known as RAM Booster, it can quickly stop running tasks & clean some memory.

Advanced Photo lớn Optimizer

Having a CCleaner Pro for Android license makes it easy to identify & delete similar, old, and/or low-quality photos. CCleaner can get rid of images from your private chats.

With low, moderate, high, & aggressive sầu file compression options at your disposal, you can optimize tệp tin sizes at will. You can save sầu the original copies on the cloud.

Pro Battery Life

With the Android ứng dụng, you can set profiles on CCleaner to automatically adjust your device’s battery usage. It can optimize the performance of your smartphone or tablet at home page, at work, or in the oto.

Priority Support

CCleaner’s customer support team attends to lớn the concerns of premium subscribers before those of free license holders.

It’s only fair that paying customers enjoy the VIP treatment. But you can still get some assistance via gmail without buying a CCleaner for PC, Mac, or Android subscription.

The response time will vary by ticket volume, though. In my experience, the fastest reply I received from CCleaner before using Pro was about 12 hours.

License Lookup

If you thua thảm your license key for whatever reason, CCleaner will tin nhắn it to you. It provides a handy tool on its site where you can easily make a request.

Ease of Use & Interface

For the most part, CCleaner was a pleasure lớn use. It doesn’t have sầu the sleekest design, but its user interface is efficient & consistent.

I checked the premium and non-premium versions of the software lớn compare the aesthetics of CCleaner Free vs Pro. So, I can atkiểm tra that the look of Windows & macOS apps are rather identical.

The Android iteration was a bit different since it’s for điện thoại devices. Easily, it’s the most modern amuốn the CCleaner apps.

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You can get a feel of CCleaner’s full functionality even though you only download the không tính tiền phầm mềm. It also displays the premium features, but it grays them out & labels them as PRO.

CCleaner products have links to helpful resources. The problem is its site’s inconsistent information. The prices it advertises are dissimilar khổng lồ the ones it charges during checkout. I’ll expound on this shortly.

The software had moments of sluggishness. But its occasional performance issues weren’t bad enough to paralyze my device.

Overall, CCleaner is a workable app.

Is CCleaner Safe?

CCleaner has been hacked twice since Avast acquired it in mid-2017. After these infamous incidents, the solid reputation it built throughout its first 13 years quickly went down the drain.

Microsoft flagged registry cleaning utilities like the CCleaner Registry Cleaner as a potentially unwanted application. Coincidentally, the warning came after it fell from glory.

Naturally, many people have been avoiding it like the plague since then. The so-called CCleaner malware was capable of gathering sensitive data, like IPhường. (Internet Protocol) addresses. The stolen data would kết thúc up in a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ server in the United States.

According khổng lồ reports, Its goal was to spy on select tech companies. Axiom (the alleged Chinese hacking group behind it) was probably trying to lớn steal industry secrets.

Fast forward to lớn today, & it’s still alive.

Is CCleaner Professional Worth It in 2022?

Yes, here’s why:

The first cyberattaông chồng affected the miễn phí CCleaner for Windows version 5.33.6162. The other target was the không lấy phí CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191.

So, if you have a more updated iteration of either app, it shouldn’t infect your hardware. If you have a 64-bit Windows system, khổng lồ begin with, you won’t have to lớn worry about the infection. The CCleaner malware impacted machines with 32-bit processors.

Also, the malware wasn’t a CCleaner virut. It consisted of two Trojans, which couldn’t replicate themselves.

The second was a wave sầu of attacks that occurred from mid-May lớn early October 2019. The hackers infiltrated Avast’s network through an employee’s VPN (virtual private network) credentials. The company believed that the cybercriminals were trying to slip malicious code into lớn CCleaner.

Fortunately, Avast was able lớn nip the second coming of the CCleaner malware in the bud.

Although there was no harm done, it’s safe to assume that supply chain attackers would keep targeting CCleaner. Certainly, its massive user base is very attractive to blachồng hat hackers.

Neutralizing supply chain attacks, however, is a reality all blue-chip tech companies constantly have lớn deal with. It just so happened that cybercriminals view CCleaner as a weak link in Avast’s network.

How to lớn Uninstall CCleaner

Is CCleaner safe khổng lồ use?


In fact, none of the recent negative sầu CCleaner nhận xét on Trustpilot, và G2 were about security. The biggest complaints the company has received were cost- và billing-related.

But if you’re still anxious enough not lớn keep it in your system, you can uninstall it with ease.

CCleaner’s uninstallation procedure is no different from those of other apps. And the process varies by platkhung.

But here’s how it works on Windows.

Launch Control Panel.Choose Uninstall a program under Programs.Look for & cliông chồng CCleaner.Select Uninstall/Change.Clichồng Yes on the dialog box lớn verify that you want to lớn remove sầu CCleaner from your computer.

CCleaner Alternatives

CCleaner isn’t the only good disk cleaner in town. You can also consider Avast Cleanup Premium, System Mechanic, và MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Let’s see how CCleaner stacks up against these three.

CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast owns both CCleaner and Avast Cleanup Premium. Unsurprisingly, the two are more or less the same. Both of them can:

Clean registries.Clear browser data and cookies.Optimize the hard disk.Removes unwanted plugins.Stop resource-intensive apps.Automate device maintenance.Set software updates on autopilot.

In terms of differences, CCleaner has no answer to Avast Cleanup Premium"s Disk Doctor, Bloatware Removal, Defragmenter, and Shortcut Cleaner. But going with the Pro Plus license can help offphối these weaknesses.

Price-wise, the CCleaner bundle is cheaper than Avast Cleanup Premium’s 1-PC plan ($44.99/year).

But for just $5 more, Avast Cleanup Premium becomes a cross-platkhung app và supports up to 10 simultaneous device connections.

CCleaner licenses are platform-specific. So, you need different subscriptions to lớn use the ứng dụng on different devices và operating systems.

Avast Cleanup Premium has no không tính tiền version. But its không lấy phí trial is twice as long as that of the CCleaner Windows 10 edition.

CCleaner vs System Mechanic

Next to lớn System Mechanic, CCleaner’s functionality seems basic & limited.

System Mechanic is good at standard PC optimization tasks. But it has specialized features for gaming and music and đoạn phim production too.

iolo’s PC optimizer can quietly fine-tune your idle device & stop when you’re bachồng in front of the screen.

It has mind-blowing capabilities lượt thích Net Booster, which enhances hidden Windows settings for faster mạng internet.

Its Incinerator technology is lượt thích Recycle Bin on steroids. It shreds the files you delete, so they’re beyond recovery.

CCleaner has the upper h& as far as updates go. It has dedicated tools for keeping apps & drivers fresh.

And there’s no System Mechanic equivalent to lớn its duplicate and large-tệp tin finders.

So, If you’re on a budget, System Mechanic might be out of your reach. Its powerful functionalities don’t come cheap.

To have all the bells và whistles, you may have lớn spover as high as $79.95 a year. For that price, however, you can buy CCleaner Professional Plus for 24 months.

Fortunately, System Mechanic has không lấy phí versions & miễn phí trials too. But you may only use it on Windows. CCleaner, on the other h&, is versatile enough lớn work on macOS & Android.

CCleaner vs MiniTool Partition Wizard

There are almost no parallels between CCleaner & MiniTool Partition Wizard. The latter is a disk management tiện ích for Windows through & through.

Most of us don’t create, delete, or edit our partitions ourselves. So, just advanced PC users may find value in this reputable disk manager.

Disk Analyzer Drive Wiper are the only features of the CCleaner ứng dụng that resemble MiniTool Partition Wizard functionalities.

You don’t need MiniTool Partition Wizard unless you must know your partitions’ properties and run tests to lớn check their performance. But if you think you bởi, you can tải về its free license.

Of course, the không tính tiền plan is short on features. The price of MiniTool Partition Wizard’s premium subscriptions for individual users starts at $59 a year. Long-term users can buy a perpetual license for $159 only.

Similarly, CCleaner uses a tiered pricing mã sản phẩm. It has no lifetime license yet, though. But it’s available for trial use, whereas MiniTool Partition Wizard isn’t.

CCleaner Pricing

There’s a miễn phí CCleaner edition whatever supported device you have.

If you have sầu Windows, you can kiểm tra the app’s full functionality at no cost. To clarify - this free trial requires no payment information and/or gmail address. So, rest assured, you won’t incur a subscription once it expires.

You may pay about $5 more for the same features, however, if you live outside of the US. CCleaner uses geo-restrictions not to lớn block certain users, but to display different prices by region. It bills you in your native currency and automatically applies the extra charge.

Fortunately, you don’t have khổng lồ put up with the software’s price in your location. You can use a trusted VPN to game the system.

Moreover, the cost of CCleaner subscriptions varies from platkhung lớn platform. Supposedly, the price differences reflect the functionality inadequacies between products.

Cheông chồng out the following lists to lớn see the merits between CCleaner Pro vs Free licenses.