Sony DSC-W830 is a mid-range point-and-shoot camera with an optical zoom of 8x và đôi mươi megapx CCD sensor that has a 2.7-inch screen và can make 720p HD videos.

Being a point & shoot, it lacks some features of larger cameras, lượt thích manual exposure control, but this camera has a scene detect intelligent tự động hóa exposure and it also features a smile shutter that takes shots automatically when it detects a smiling face in its frame, so that’s something.

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Its competitors W800 and W810 offer almost identical range of features và specifications where W800 has a 5x & W810 have sầu a 6x optical zoom. The WX Series provides higher unique longer zooms, CMOS sensors, & WiFi connectivity.


50%.3" - 20MP
Optical Image Stablization
2.7" (230k dots)
Max Video Resolution
Built-in Viewfinder
Optical Zoom
Shutter Speed
Continuous Shooting
1 fps
Face Detection Focusing
Built-in WiFi
NFC Connectivity
Li Ion Rechargeable (210 shots)
Manual Focus
3.7 x 2.1 x 0.9 in
4.3 oz

Cheông chồng price and Review of the Cybershot W830 on Amazon.



Its lightweight & small dimensions are the first things you notice about this camera but it continues to wow you with its trăng tròn.0MPhường high-resolution sensor and 25mm wide-angle lens. Furthermore, it has image stabilization & face detection focusing which are great features khổng lồ have on a camera.


The first very noticeable disadvantage of this camera is a laông xã of viewfinder, along with laông xã of features such as articulated screen, external flash shoe, manual focusing, manual exposure, RAW shooting, & the limitation of making only 720p HD videos, small LCD screen, low max shutter speed of only 1/1600 & slow continuous shooting of only 1.0 frames per second.

Build và Design

Sony DSC-W80 is a perfect fit for you if you’re in need of a camera that can fit in your jeans or a jacket pocket. It’s that small. It’s a very compact and light camera curved at either kết thúc and with a leveled top plate.


In terms of controls, you can find a recessed on/off button on the top board in a silver color that matches the silver line running down the board.

Next, you can see a shutter release and the absence of the zoom ledge since it’s controlled through the switch that’s located on the baông chồng of the board.

On the baông chồng of the board, you can see a zoom switch, as I mentioned above sầu, on the right side on the top of the camera.

Under that, there is a control pad that goes four ways và a thực đơn, playbaông chồng and delete buttons around.

On the right edge of the camera, there is a mode switch that you can mix in three ways và it’s the only blachồng switch on the camera. The first position of the switch, the upper one, is for the actual shooting mode, the middle one is for putting the camera into lớn sweep panorama mode & the bottom one is for making movies.


On the right side of the baông xã, there is a 2.7-inch LCD screen with 230k dots. It is an average screen that can provide a nice view when indoors and not in the bright sunshine, but the image still isn’t very bright.

When set on standard mode W-830 can go up lớn 210 shots with a fully charged battery.


As for the battery charging, it’s done inside the camera và you can do either by using a charger or by plugging it into lớn a máy tính. You can use any USB cable that has a regular Micro – B connector.


Sony DSC-W830 has a built-in flash that’s located on the front board on the right upper side of the lens. Having a max range of 3.2 meters when phối at the wide-angle, you can say that it’s good but not that good. It can provide an adequate amount of light for close subjects.


Sony DSC-W830 is a little bit slow since it can take up to three seconds before taking a shot after you pressed the button. But that’s not unusual for the cameras at this price range since most of them would also take a few seconds & to lớn be fair, many users never even notice the difference.


Its menu system is very simple so it’s not hard khổng lồ control it. Still, it lacks a quiông xã thực đơn which can complicate things a bit when you want to change some things on the regular lượt thích ISO sensitivity, focus mode, etc. But, the upside is that the smile shutter feature has its own button.

Continuous Shooting

Its continuous shooting performance is pretty minimal at 1.0 frames per second, but it still has a consistent tốc độ for up to 100 shots if you’re patient enough khổng lồ keep your finger on the shutter for more than two minutes.

Sensor, Exposure, và Shutter

W830 has a đôi mươi.0 MP. CCD sensor that takes still photos at a maximum of 5152 x 3864 pixels kích cỡ. Photos are saved in JPEG format at a single chất lượng setting that gives makes files of 8MP. in kích cỡ. ISO sensitivity range is 80 – 3200 ISO and a shutter speed range goes from 1s – 1/1600 in program tự động mode, và 2s – 1/1600 in intelligent tự động mode.

Learn more about the Sony Cybershot W830 on Amazon.

What type of photography is Sony DSC-W830 good for?

Portrait Photography

A very high-resolution sensor allows you more space for cropping so you can print your portrait photos in a larger khung with more details.

The presence of image stabilization is also an advantage because it diminishes the effects of camera shake when shooting on long exposures và long focal lengths. Therefore, it provides sharper portraits.

Still, there are a lot of downsides to this camera for portrait photography.

Its small sensor doesn’t allow you to make a very much needed shallow depth of field and a blurry background.

The fact that it doesn’t come with RAW shooting capability makes it impossible for you khổng lồ get that natural skin tone that you need for portrait shooting.

The lack of the external flash shoe doesn’t allow you to lớn make a lighting that you might want for your shoot.

With the built-in viewfinder missing you have khổng lồ hold your camera away from the toàn thân which makes it very unstable when using live sầu view, not khổng lồ mention that if you’re shooting in a bright sunlight an LCD screen is very hard khổng lồ read.

Being unable khổng lồ use manual focusing makes it very hard for you khổng lồ determine that focus perfectly, which we know is very important for shooting portraits.

Same goes for the exposure. The laông chồng of manual exposure mode can make your photo kết thúc up with a lot of shadows and highlight clipping.

Finally, the not so good ergonomics & handling make it difficult for you to change the camera settings since you’d have sầu khổng lồ use the LCD menus.

Overall the performance of the DSC-W830 is lacking for portrait photography.

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Image Stabilization
Sensor Resolution đôi mươi MP
No manual exposure mode
Small Sensor một nửa.3 in
No RAW shooting
No External flash shoe
No Built-in viewfinder
Ergonomics và handling
No Manual Focus Mode

Street Photography

Live-View is a great feature khổng lồ have sầu on a camera if you’re inlớn street photography because it allows you to lớn take photos without the use of viewfinder which is great when you don’t want to lớn attract people’s attention.

A face-detection focusing mode is very helpful because it does the focusing for you while you can concentrate on framing và making other adjustments.

Image stabilization also comes very helpfully because of its camera shake reductions. For a street photography, you’ll need to lớn shoot at a long exposure and long focal length so this is a pretty important feature for you in this case.

Sony DSC-W830 has a pretty small body which is important for this type of photography since it can make you fit just right among the people. This camera also features a good wide-angle coverage of 25milimet that is very important for street photography.

On the other hand, this camera also has a lot of disadvantages when it comes khổng lồ street photography, and the first one aao ước them is the lack of the built-in viewfinder for the obvious reasons of using a live sầu view and being forced khổng lồ keep far from the body, & of course the problem of being in the sunlight which is almost impossible to lớn avoid when you’re on the streets.

Not having a RAW shooting capability và manual focus model are also big problems for this type of photography & a small 1/ 2.3-inch sensor is also a big disadvantage.

Looking at the table we can agree that this camera does have sầu some great features but also some disadvantages so we can say that it is an average fit for street photography.

Face-Detection Focusing
Image Stabilization
25 mm wide-angle coverage
Small Body
No Built-in viewfinder
No Manual Focus Mode
No RAW shooting
50%.3″ sensor size

Sports Photography

Having an image stabilization and 200mm Tele lens does make this camera look better, but the fact that it misses a lot of other important features for this type of photography makes you rethink your choice.

The first problem is a slow continuous shooting of only 1 frame per second which is absolutely unacceptable for sports photography. The same goes for the slow max shutter speed of 1/1600s that’s not enough khổng lồ freeze the motion.

Environmental sealings are very important for this type of photography since sports events are held at all kinds of weather và if your camera isn’t ready for difficult conditions that can be a big problem.

We can conclude that Sony DSC-W830 is a very poor candidate for sports photography.

Image Stabilization
200milimet Tele Lens
1.0 fps continuous shooting
Environmental Sealing
Max Shutter Speed 1/1600s
Unknown Focus Point
Ergonomics và Handling
No Manual exposure mode
No Manual Focus Mode
No Built-in viewfinder
No External flash shoe
No RAW shooting
Slow Lens at Tele: f6.30

Daily Photography

Having a small toàn thân being light-weighted makes this camera great for daily photography since these two factors are very important if you’re going lớn carry your camera around the whole day.

Another great thing is that it has an 8.0 optical zoom lens that gives you a lot of flexibility.

Still, the lack of the RAW shooting capability & a small sensor are not going to lớn W830’s advantage.

So, overlooking the table we can agree that this camera, with its disadvantages, still can be used for daily photography & it makes an average fit.

Optical Zoom 8x
Compact Body
Weight 4.3oz
1/2.3 sensor
No RAW shooting

Landscape Photography

Having a 25milimet wide-angle lens coverage is a great thing to have sầu on a camera if you need it for landscape photography since most of the landscape photos are taken wide-angle lenses.

A very high-resolution sensor is also a great advantage and being a 20MP makes it perfect for this type of photography.But, there are a fair number of disadvantages.

The laông chồng of manual exposure mode in landscape photography is a pretty big downside since it can really make some serious shadows & highlight clipping and that’s not something you’d want.

It also lacks manual focus mode, which makes it hard for you lớn get a sharp and focused image.

The RAW shooting capability is also very important for landscape photography & not having it means not having a wider dynamic range và option khổng lồ recover shadow và highlight clipping.

The small sensor is also a problem since it can be difficult to lớn shoot in low light conditions.

Lastly, the laông chồng of environmental sealings means your camera is not prepared for every type of weather and since landscape photography is taken outdoors it can be a very big problem.

Overall, the Sony DSC-W830 is definitely not good at landscape photography & you should look for another camera if this is the type of photography your inkhổng lồ.

25 mm Good Wide-angle coverage
Sensor resolution trăng tròn.0 MP
No Manual exposure mode
No Manual focus mode
No RAW shooting capability
50%.3″ Sensor size
No environmental sealing


Overall the Sony DSC-W830 is a pretty average camera, but you have sầu khổng lồ rethành viên it is a fairly inexpensive sầu point & shoot, not a full-frame DSLR

If you need this camera for a specific photography type, lượt thích landscape or sports, you may want lớn consider other options. But if you’re an amateur photographer using it only for some special moments with friends and family, then this could be a great fit for you especially since it’s pretty affordable