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Phát âmÝ nghĩa

danh từ  sự thảo sâu sắc, sự thảo cẩn thận, sự sửa biên soạn công phu; sự làm công phu; sự dựng lên  (sinh đồ học) sự chế tạo, sự sản ra


Beer-thirsty Vietnamese force supermarkets to lớn ration sales before Lunar New Year

business |84694258

Panic-buying has ensued with prices expected to lớn rise ahead of Tet.

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Hanoi khổng lồ ration parking spaces on downtown streets

news |84684264

For now, only oto users will have sầu to lớn worry about the new restrictions on certain streets.


Just one-third of workers okay with benefits: survey

data-speaks |84674256

Only 30 percent of Vietnamese workers are satisfied with their current benefits, và the ratio is lower aước ao less experienced employees, a report says.


"Out of control" space lab khổng lồ become celestial fireball Monday: Trung Quốc

world |79284255

The Tiangong-1 is expected to lớn make an uncontrolled earthbound plunge Monday Beijing time


Defense in Kyên Jong Nam trial casts doubt on poison chạy thử lab

news |79274248

Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong và Indonesian Siti Aisyah are on trial over the Cold War-style killing of Klặng Jong Nam in Kuala Lumpur more than a year ago.

Facebook hires AI expert, launches lab in Canada"s Montreal

business |79264253

The lab will be Facebook"s fourth, after sites in Palo Alto, Thành Phố New York, và Paris.

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Scientists grow human eggs to full maturity in a lab

travel-life |79254254

First time human eggs have sầu been developed khổng lồ maturity.

Defunct Chinese space lab plunges baông xã to lớn Earth over Pacific

world |79244248

The European Space Agency had indicated earlier that the Tiangong-1 was likely to lớn break up over water, which covers most of the planet"s surface.

Vietnam giới women"s e-commerce leadership ratio second highest in Southeast Asia

data-speaks |78054251

Forty-six percent of e-commerce business leaders in Vietphái mạnh are women, the second highest in Southeast Asia, according to lớn a survey.

Vietnam giới football league has region"s highest ratio of foreign strikers

football |78044253

The V. League 1 had the highest ratio of foreign strikers in East và Southeast Asian football leagues last year.