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Vietnam giới V-League 06/26 11:00 3 Nam Dinch vs Ha Noi FC - View
Vietnam giới V-League 07/03 10:00 5 Da Nang vs Ha Noi FC - View
Vietphái mạnh V-League 07/10 12:15 6 Ha Noi FC vs Hai Phong - View
Vietnam giới V-League 07/20 13:15 8 Ha Noi FC vs Sai Gon FC
- View
Vietphái nam V-League 07/24 12:00 9
Hong Linh Ha Tinh vs Ha Noi FC
- View
Vietphái mạnh Cup 07/27 15:00 3
Binch Phuoc vs Ha Noi FC
- View

World Club Friendlies 06/10 12:00 - Hai Phong v Ha Noi FC D 2-2
Europe Friendlies 06/07 09:00 -
Hoang Anh Gia Lai v Ha Noi FC
W 2-4
Europe Friendlies 06/04 09:00 - The Cong FC v Ha Noi FC W 2-4
Vietphái nam Cup 04/11 10:00 4 Da Nang v Ha Noi FC W 1-2
Vietnam Cup 04/09 10:00 4 Ha Noi FC v Pho Hien
Vietnam giới Cup 04/07 12:15 7 Ha Noi FC v Cong An Nhan Dan
W 4-0
Vietphái nam V-League 04/04 12:10 2 <2> Viettel FC v Ha Noi FC <7> W 0-1
Vietnam giới V-League 03/16 12:15 1 <12> Ha Noi FC v Tkhô hanh Hoa <6>
W 1-0
Vietnam V-League 03/12 12:15 4 <13> Ha Noi FC v Ho Chi Minh City <9>
D 0-0
Vietnam giới V-League 03/06 11:00 3 Nam Dinh v Ha Noi FC - PPT.
Vietphái nam V-League 03/01 12:15 2 The Cong FC v Ha Noi FC - PPT.
Vietphái nam V-League 02/12 10:00 13
Song Lam Nghe An v Ha Noi FC
- PPT.


Matches played 8 3 5
Wins 6 2 4
Draws 2 1 1
Losses 0 0 0
Goals for 18 5 13
Goals against 7 0 7
Clean sheets 4 3 1
Failed to lớn score 1 1 0

Wikipedia - Hanoi FC

Hanoi Football Club (Vietnamese: Câu lạc cỗ soccer Hà Nội) is a Vietnamese professional football club based in Hanoi, Vietnam giới that competes in the V.League 1.

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The club currently plays in the V.League 1. Hanoi FC was founded in 2006 as T&T Hanoi Football Club, shortened as Hanoi T&T before renamed to Hanoi T&T Football Club in 2010 và finally lớn its current name in 2016. The club has participated in the V.League 1 since the 2009 season. The club has been regarded as the first fully professionalized club in the country.

Hanoi"s traditional colours is purple-Trắng or purple-yellow trang chính strip. The club"s main rivals are Haiphong, against whom they conthử nghiệm the Northern Vietphái nam Derby. They also condemo Hanoi with Viettel


Foundation và rise

Hanoi FC was established in 2006 by T&T Group, a partly private business company that was seeking its fortune to lớn raise the status. T&T hoped that by establishing the club, it would improve sầu the company's profits to become a major company while on the same time also sought to lớn bring the first sense of professional football khổng lồ replace the current semi-professional status of Vietnamese football. Eventually, the club was officially established with support from local authorities as Hanoi T&T, và began in the lowest division of Vietnamese football, V.League 4.

Ever since the foundation, investment from the T&T company toward the club started to lớn rise, and the club slowly managed khổng lồ acquire its best players to lớn play for the club, while on the same time Hanoi T&T began lớn improve. The club was quick to lớn acquire straight promotion on its seasonal debut in V.League 4, before earning promotion lớn V.League 1 after just three years of existence, making the club the most promising name on Vietnamese football.

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First V.League title và establishment of a new powerhouse

Once the club established its foothold, Hanoi T&T began khổng lồ emerge radically và started to lớn feel success in its debut on the top league. The club missed out their chance to lớn win the 2009 season, but soon got the joy when they won the 2010 season, the club's first ever title. Since then, the club has always maintained as one of the best supported, cleaned of corruption và financially stable in Vietnam, a rare case in Vietnamese football where corruption and financial mismanagement is a norm – thus allowing the club to gain two another titles in 2013 và năm 2016.

Thanked for good management và domestic trophy in 2010, Hanoi T&T was able to lớn participate in their first international tournament, the 2011 AFC Cup. However, Hanoi T&T had performed poorly in their first AFC Cup tournament, finishing in third place. The team however returned in 2014 AFC Cup, where they had its best performance in the AFC Cup up khổng lồ that date, reaching the last eight before losing to lớn eventual finadanh mục Erbil SC from Iraq.

Name change

In năm 2016, shortly after winning the năm 2016 season, T&T Group decided to dedicate the club lớn the people of Hanoi, thus retreating its stakeholder and the club was officially renamed as Hanoi FC. The City Council had also decided lớn grant Hàng Đẫy Stadium to the club as a tribute so the club could use & improve the facilities.

Hanoi FC managed khổng lồ continue maintaining its domination, while on the same time had participated in the 2017 AFC Cup and 2019 AFC Cup. The 2017 AFC Cup was not a successful tournament when Hanoi FC was eliminated in the group stage. In 2019 edition, Hanoi FC made its historic breakthrough, reaching the semi-finals of the AFC Cup for the first time, but lost lớn North Korean April 25 Sports Club by away goal rule.