Hoà mi

Born và raised in Saigon, as a child Hoa Mi had not aspired lớn one day become a professional singer, but instead had dreams of becoming a doctor.

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But since she had been blessed with perfect pitch và also had a love sầu for music, she began singing professionally at the age of 15. While she was still a senior at Gia Long High School in Saigon, she was accepted into lớn the prestigious Saigon National Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts. When she first started singing professionally, she had gone by the professional stage name of Truong My based on her name given at birth, Truong Thi My. At her first nightclub performance at Maxim"s in Saigon in 1973, Hoang Thi Tho, the legendary musician & show promoter who was also her teacher, decided khổng lồ introduce her on stage as singer Hoa Mi. From then on, Hoa Mi became her professional stage name. In 1974, she graduated from the Saigon National Academy of Music và Dramatic Arts. Hoa Mi appeared on an album comprised of various artists, Hoang Thi Tho 3: Dua Em Qua Canh Dong Vang, in duets with Nhat Truong Bui Thien. A duet studio album with another of Hoang Thi Tho"s students, singer Son Ca, had been planned. However, due the Fall of Saigon in 1975, plans for the album were cancelled.
Họa Mi at Age 19(Saigon - 1974)
After 1975, Hoa Mi decided lớn put her singing career on hold to lớn study law. That is until she was recruited by legendary show promoter Ngoc Chanh
khổng lồ join the Kim Cuong Singing Troupe along with Thai Chau, Le Thu, Thanh khô Tuyen, Son Ca, Thanh Phong & Phuong Dai which toured extensively all over Vietphái mạnh. In 1988, while on tour in France with a group of other performers from Vietphái mạnh including singerHong Van, Hoa Mi defected leaving behind her blind husbvà & three children. She was granted political asylum by the French government and took up residence in Paris where she signed with Thuy Nga as an exclusive recording artist.

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Thuy Nga released two solo studio albums recorded by Hoa Mi that same year, Em Di Roi & Tinc Sau. The title traông xã of her first solo studio album was a well received autobiographical tuy vậy she had written together with composer Lam Phuong. Two years later, Hoa Mi was reunited with her husb& and children in Paris, France. Unfortunately, her marriage would kết thúc in divorce shortly thereafter due to her husband"s decision lớn return khổng lồ Vietnam. For many years, Hoa Mi was left with the challenges of juggling a singing career and being a single mother to three children before before she remarried to lớn a French national of Vietnamese origin in the late 1990s.
In the 1990s, Hoa Mi recorded two more solo studio albums for Thuy Nga, Nghin Trung Xa Cach (1991) & Bong Chieu Xua (1997). She had also recorded two duet studio albums with other artists for the Thuy Nga label, Em Den Tđắm đuối Anh Dem 30 (1992) with singerAnh Khoa
& Pho Chieu (1992) with singerY Lan. In 1992, Hoa Mi toured the United States for the first time & recorded three solo studio albums for Lang Van, Tinc Ca Nong Tsay mê, Em Con Nho Hay Em Da Quen & Hoa Mi Voi Nhung Tinc Khuc Hoang Thi Tho. She had also become one of the top performers on the Paris By Night live show music đoạn phim series. Ahy vọng her most popular songs performed on Paris By Night include Toc Maywritten by Psi mê The My, Noi Niem written by Tuan Khanh, Da Khuc (Serenade) written by Pđê mê Duy, Ta Tinc written by Hoang Thi Tho và Suoi Le Xanh written by Pmê mẩn Manh Cuong. After an absence of more than a decade, in 2009 Hoa Mi recorded three solo studio albums during a return trip to Vietnam giới. All three albums, Mot Thoi Yeu Nhau, Thu Tinc Khong Gui and Trom Nhin Nhau were released by Phuong Nam Film that same year. In 2010, Hoa Mi worked with her former husb&, saxophonist Le Tan Quoc, on her album, Hoa Mi - Le Tan Quoc: Tuyet Psi Ghi Dau Su Tai Hop Nghe Thuat - Mot Mai Em Di, released by Saigon Vafaco. Link(s):Another 50 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women of All Time