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View StatsA rogue-lượt thích river journey through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Forage, craft, evade predators.

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I"m trying to get all afflictions, & there"s no comprehensive sầu danh mục. Anyone able khổng lồ tell me some of the more rare afflictions và deaths, so I can try for them? And how do you get them?For example, I can"t figure out how lớn get dysentery! lolSo far I am loving this. A very quality twist on the survival genre. I love sầu difficult games, and so far this is pretty cool.1. Does clothing really matter? I"ll get the ill-equipped negative stat for a while, but if I rest or fire out of rain, it goes away. Does it get colder/hotter as I progress or something?2. The big thing for me is, is there some kind of "health" that I"m unaware of? Like I underst& the four main bars (health, thirst, tempt, fatigue), and I underst& the statuses, but I don"t see... 陽気なカントリーミュージックが流れる中、老犬とイカダにのって川下りサバイバルをする『The Flame in the Flood』 。 一見のんびりとした情緒と独特のアートワークが魅力的な作品ですが、漏れ聞こえてくる高難易度の悲鳴に尻込みしている方も多いのでは。そこで、本作をプレイする上での基本情報と序盤を乗り切るためのコツをまとめたスターターガイドを作成してみました。「ローグライク作品に馴染みがないけど、この作品が気になっている…」という方も是非どうぞ。Полное и частичное описание по ачивкам.Видео для более полного понимания "как, что и где" делать.МНОГО СПОЛЕРОВ, но видео интереснее!Последнее дополнение 27.02.20trăng tròn гDon’t let the looks fool you, underneath the cartoonish art style the game is a very realistic experience at core. As such, if you want to make it far down the river, you better have sầu all the tools at hvà to lớn khuyến mãi with most situations, that’s why beginners After two tries of playing this game it always ends the same, GAME CRASHES!!!!! FIX YOUR ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ GAME.Your all-in-one survival kit for Flame in the Flood. This guide will try to include all frequently asked questions as well as tips on how to lớn avoid dying & keep surviving throughout the game. Since the guide will be tackling a lot of aspects, it"ll try lớn...Этот текст содержит в себе упоминание особенностей игры The Flame in the Flood, а также несколько комментариев и советов для неопытных игроков, но нацелен конкретно на разбор стимовских достижений по ней, я это подчёркиваю. В игре присутствуют баги, игроваHey all,We posted a patched version as a beta that you can grab by getting properties on the game in steam, going khổng lồ betas, và selecting the "beta" branch. Full patch notes are here: http://blog.themolassesflood.com/Please let us know what you think. In addition to bug fixes, there are a bunch of changes that effect balance....Flame in the flood is a fairly short & modest survival crafting game based around hunting & gathering at small locations along a flooded river that you must navigate. Its scope is quite modest with the location kích cỡ being tiny for the genre and the river while impressive sometimes at most has two branches always taking you downstream on your raft. The gameplay và setting is limited but doesn"t overstay its ~6.5 hour welcome on normal & while there could be a lot of room for refinement and expansion of the formula Flame in the Flood does a good job of delivering a focused and well structured experience.To critique some specific aspects of the game its survival crafting loop isn"t too standout but is quite serviceable, though you will find some annoyances stemming from small locations with few places for resources combined with random generation of said resources resulting sometimes unintendedly hard khổng lồ find basic resources, though most things can be eaten. In addition most important actions have clunky progress bars or menuing so healing or using a bow mid combat is an unnecessarily difficult time. If the game were of greater length with its gameplay the only thing to lớn tide you hour after hour this would be a definite dealbreaker as once you get close to lớn finishing it starts lớn get boring facing wolves the environment didn"t give you the resources khổng lồ face, however as I said before the game is fairly short. Bugwise there were occasions with the ai and bow acting strangely but nothing gamebreaking. The story is cute but cthua kém to barebones.Flame in the Flood wasn"t the sort of game I wanted khổng lồ play when I picked up a survival crafting adventure title but it is a short & complete experience with a unique charm, which is uncommon for the genre (particularly the completion part).
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