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Watching movies is a fun activity lớn learn languages for many people. However, it might be difficult to lớn find movies with both English và Vietnamese subtitles that are available online for free.

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In this post, I will tóm tắt with you some Vietnamese movies in Southern và Northern dialects, mostly with both Vietnamese và English subtitles.

The majority of these movies are short & with clear audio, so it's perfect for language learners.

There is just one problem though ...

Most movies that I managed khổng lồ find are lãng mạn movies!

I don’t know about you, but my favorite genres are thriller & horror. But as long as these movies can help you to learn Vietnamese, then they are all good!

Of course, you can also find a movie or anything that you truly lượt thích to lớn watch with subtitles, and it would even be more effective.


How to learn Vietnamese with movies?

Before you start clicking that "play" button, I have sầu two learning tips for you so that you can learn with movies more effectively.

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First, you should only start learning Vietnamese with movies when you reach at least the high-beginner level.

Second, choose a movie that you can underst& 70% of if. A learning material that is right for you is the one just above sầu your current cấp độ. Else, you are just going to feel frustrated và thất bại the interest to learn.

Lucky for you, most of the movies on my danh mục are short. So if You are a beginner, you can try playing the movie one time, copy down key vocabulary words that you don't underst&, and check the dictionary. Then watch the movie again with Vietnamese subtitles and use the vocabulary danh sách to lớn help you underst& the movie better.

So here are your miễn phí Vietnamese movies menu with subtitles!



How long khổng lồ learn Vietnamese & tips to learn it fast

Vietnamese movies in Southern dialect

Here is the list of Vietnamese movies in Southern dialect, most with both English & Vietnamese subtitles.

Pit a Pat Caffeine

Vietnamese & EnglishType: Short movieDuration: 37 minutesStoryline: This is a sweet short movie about a girl who works at a coffe but hates coffee, all because it makes her feel butterflies in the stomach. But it seems lượt thích her preference is starting to change when her handsome coworker/barista makes her a coffee every day khổng lồ try. I’m addicted lớn coffee! But let’s see if our main character would love coffee lượt thích me at the end. And after watching this movie, you will learn also learn how to lớn order your coffee at a cafe!

Phi vụ ngọt ngào

Title: Sweet businessSubtitles: Vietnamese & EnglishType: Short movie series with 8 episodesDuration: ~10 minutes per episodeStoryline: This is a lãng mạn movie about a “chị - em” relationship, where the girl is a bit older than the guy. The main character is a smart và powerful sale manager, who is well-respected by her peers. In a mission khổng lồ find the next brvà ambassador, she got her eyes on a famous boy bvà leader, Hoon Trần. Let’s see what this collaboration with a national singer would bring her!

Tại tiệm hoa năm ấy

Title: At the flower siêu thị that yearSubtitles: Vietnamese và EnglishType: Short movies - 8 episodesDuration: ~7 minutes per episodeStoryline: Another lãng mạn movie! This one is about a girl who came baông chồng to lớn town after 6 years of being away. Despite being a clumsy và forgetful person, her mom decided to pass on a family follower cửa hàng to lớn her. On her first day of work, she finally had her first customer who unexpectedly, turns out khổng lồ also be her first love!

Tình yêu thương dịp 3h chiều

Title: Love sầu at 3PMSubtitles: Vietnamese và EnglishType: Short movieDuration: 25 minutesStoryline: This is a funny movie about love sầu, friends, and work. At a pet salon làm tóc, the two main characters Uyen và Kaiz met, and a “chị-em” love sầu story arose. With the advice of a love master frikết thúc, Uyen became more confident to show her true feelings for Kaiz.

Đi Tìm Tình Yêu

Title: Finding loveSubtitle: EnglishType: Standard movieDuration: 1 hour 34 minutesStoryline: “Finding Love” is a humorous journey of Phong - an absent-minded scientific doctor specializing in reptile retìm kiếm, & a female xe taxi driver, Chi. They met when he missed a flight và was forced khổng lồ take a taxi to lớn the Da Lat, so he could propose lớn his girlfriover in time. On that long journey, the two have sầu encountered many unfortunate & funny situations. How would the relationship between Phong and Chi develop?


Most Comtháng Vietnamese Slang Words for Love sầu & Relationship

Vietnamese movies in Northern dialect

The dialect that is mostly spoken in the following movies is Northern dialect. And of course, most are lãng mạn movies!

Cậu bao gồm phục vụ tại bàn không?

Title: Do you serve at the table?Subtitles: Vietnamese & EnglishType: Short movieDuration: 10 minutesStoryline: This is actually a promotional short movie for a milk tea store. So of course, after this movie, you can learn how lớn order milk tea as well. Now the story is about a guy who works at the milk tea cửa hàng. One day, a beautiful girl came khổng lồ order milk tea & stole his heart. But does she have a boyfriend?

Sao tao hotline mày không nghe máy?

Title: Why didn’t you pichồng up the phone?Subtitles: Vietnamese và EnglishType: Short movieDuration: 55 minutesStoryline: This is a short movie about love sầu và friendship. There are 2 besties, Mint và Thảo, who had known each other since they were little. In high school, Mint fell in love sầu with a basketball guy. The guy finally asked her out but didn’t forget to invite her best friend Thảo. This made Mint wonder if the guy was interested in her or her bestie?

That's all for now!

If you know other great Vietnamese movies with subtitles, especially not the romantic ones, please tell me in the comment section below. I'll add them khổng lồ this growing movie các mục so others can use it lớn learn as well!